Supporting the Building Industry for 65+ Years

Since the BIA was formed in 1956, it has provided high-quality service and remained a major player in promoting a balanced smart-growth approach to development in Lancaster County. The BIA members have a wealth of expertise in a vast number of areas, including housing development, economic development, environmental protection, education and many other services. The BIA represents a broad diversity of backgrounds, mirroring the rich diversity present in the Lancaster population that it serves and supports.

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Our Mission

To promote member companies while advocating for the advancement of the residential construction industry.

Our Vision

Through BIA’s stewardship and leadership in Lancaster County, we will be the leading proponent of homes and communities designed and constructed for efficiency and longevity in a free marketplace.


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Code of Ethics

Building Industry Association of Lancaster County Code of Ethics


Code Of Ethics

BIA Bylaws

Read the bylaws that guide our organization.


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Meet Our Team

Meet the Board Members and BIA Staff who make everything possible.

BIA Leadership & Staff

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Upcoming Events

See upcoming events, programs, and awards held by the BIA.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events