Here is a Complete BIA Member List of Qualified Building Industry Professionals in Lancaster County

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Why Choose a Lancaster BIA Member?

Through the Association, BIA Members

  • Attend educational classes and training seminars
  • Receive updates to local building codes so projects won’t hit snags with officials
  • Attend trade shows and conventions to find the greatest values and new product knowledge for customers
  • Receive industry-specific information to keep abreast on changing trends
  • Network with other industry professionals
  • Abide by the BIA of Lancaster County’s Constitution, Bylaws, Code of Ethics and Contractor Quality Commitment Program.
  • Benefit from the wealth of knowledge and skills from other BIA members, Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) members, and the membership of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

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To see a list of builders, contractors, and remodelers that are members of the BIA of Lancaster County, visit our member directory.

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